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In the first year we were founded, as Bakiyem team, we realized how much payment software tired us. While producing sector-based special solutions, we decided to enter the payment solutions sector in order to find a solution to the problems we experience.

We had the chance to observe the problems experienced by our customers while producing solutions to the problems we experienced in payment software. In this direction, we have established a structure that is easy to use and that our customers can refer to. In this whole process, we realized that when we combine payment software with vertical solutions, both brand loyalty and customer satisfaction of users increase and they express this satisfaction more. For this reason, we have produced more than 10 vertical software.

Thanks to our software that made a splash in a very short time, we provided consultancy and software services to companies that want to enter the sector as a payment institution. In field studies, we enabled companies to facilitate the collection process and minimize their costs through a useful panel.

As Bakiyem, we joined forces with MOKA, one of the most important payment institutions in Turkey, and started to offer joint solutions. We are happy to bring a new breath to the sector and to continue on our way with more than 3500 customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the virtual POS service paid?

Getting virtual POS service is completely free. You do not have to pay a fee for this. Virtual POS firm earns income from commission rates.

Is it possible to make payments in installments from Bakiyem Pos?

After obtaining authorization for the Virtual POS, all cards can be processed in installments. There will be no problem from this.

What are your virtual POS commission rates?

If you contact us on this subject, we can provide detailed information. Odds It can vary from company to company and from industry to industry.

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